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Best6 Parks for Walking in Seoul

Seoul is a great city for solo travel. While there are many places to enjoy on your own in Seoul, the most relaxing and leisurely places are the parks. Parks are places where you can enjoy nature and activities such as walking, jogging, and running. This document introduces seven scenic parks in Seoul. Visit these parks to gain new experiences and create wonderful memories. What about traveling with nature in Seoul?

1. Hangang Park

📍Address: 서울특별시 영등포구 여의동로 330

Hangang Park is a must-visit place for solo travelers in Seoul. There are many Hangang Parks such as Yeouido, Banpo, Jamsil, Mapo, and Yanghwa, each with its own unique features.

For example, Yeouido Hangang Park is a place where events and festivals are held, and other areas are well-developed for various leisure activities such as biking, walking, and picnicking. In addition, bicycle paths and bike rental stations are well-equipped, making it a great way to get around Seoul.

The walking trails are well developed, and certain sections can be used as a walking course. Furthermore, Hangang Park is a good place from an educational standpoint. You can learn about the ecosystem of the Hangang River and ecosystem conservation, and you can also see animals living in the Hangang River. Walking and enjoying the scenery of the Hangang River is really cool. Of course, it is more convenient to use public transportation as it takes a long time to walk.

For those who love to walk alone while traveling, there is no better place than Hangang Park. Above all, it is the best experience to feel the beautiful nature of the Hangang River while enjoying various leisure activities.

Hangang Park

2. Seoul Forest

📍Address: 서울특별시 성동구 뚝섬로 273

Seoul Forest transformed into a city forest with trees and a lake in June 2005. This park is a very spacious place and is mainly visited by residents of Seongdong-gu and many others. Seoul Forest is full of various sights such as floor fountains, mirror ponds, horse statues, deer parks, pedestrian bridges, wind hills, insect botanical gardens, gugyeon gardens, gallery gardens, and more.

Seoul Forest is a place where you can enjoy nature and culture in the city at the same time. You can rent a bike here and enjoy a cup of coffee at a cafe. In addition, various cultural events are held at Seoul Forest. Representative events include the Seoul Forest Walk Festival and the Seoul Forest Blues Festival. These events attract many spectators and offer a variety of cultural experiences.

One reason why many people visit Seoul Forest is for healing. Seoul Forest is a space where you can take a quiet break in the city. As a large park, many people go for a walk together, so you can meet people of all ages. Moreover, this place has its own charm in each season of spring, summer, fall, and winter. Therefore, Seoul Forest is a park that provides a very diverse range of things to enjoy and experience.

Seoul Forest

3. Seonyudo Park

📍Address: 서울특별시 영등포구 선유로 343

Seonyudo Park is a small hill island located in the center of the Hangang River. This place is loved by many artists and photographers for its beautiful scenery. The park consists of a story museum that contains the history and culture of Seonyudo and the Hangang River, a green ecological park where reeds grow, a water purification garden where you can see aquatic plants, and the Seonyu Bridge Observatory, which boasts a panoramic view of Seoul and the Hangang River.

You can enjoy a walk in the park, which is an activity you can enjoy alone. Moreover, this place is a place where you can immerse yourself in contemplation, so it is highly recommended for those who enjoy solo travel. In addition, this place is not only a place to simply enjoy the spaces introduced so far, but also a place where you can enjoy more activities. For example, there is a playground where you can play with your children and an area where 100 people can enjoy a meal together.

Seonyudo Park is not as large as other parks compared to other areas, but it is still relatively large. Therefore, it is mainly visited by residents of Gangseo-gu, Yangcheon-gu, and Bucheon-si in Gyeonggi Province. However, I personally recommend this park as a place for individuals to visit. Furthermore, this place is a space where you can enjoy a variety of recreation activities while being environmentally friendly. It is also a good place for family trips or outings with friends.

Seonyudo Park

4. Seo Seoul Lake Park

📍Address: 서울 양천구 남부순환로64길 26 신월야구장

Seo Seoul Lake Park is one of the representative parks in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. Because of its large size, it is a place that is frequented not only by local residents but also by nearby residents. The park is composed of various attractions.

The central lake and the sound fountain are one of the most famous places in this park. In addition, there are various components such as the Mondrian Garden, made with a unique technique, the Culture Deck Plaza made with a wooden deck, the Regeneration Garden where you can see reeds, and the 100-person dining table where 100 people can enjoy together.

Although Seo Seoul Lake Park is slightly bigger than small parks, it is not as big as other parks in other areas. That’s why it is mainly visited by people who reside in Gangseo-gu, Yangcheon-gu, and Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do. However, I personally recommend this park as a place to visit alone because I like it. Also, it is a space where you can enjoy various recreational activities with an environmentally friendly environment. It is also good for family trips or outings with friends.

Seo Seoul Lake Park

5. Gwanaksan Lake Park

📍Address: 서울 관악구 신림동 203

Gwanaksan Lake Park is located adjacent to Gwanaksan, one of Seoul’s representative mountains. It is one of the most frequently visited spaces in Seoul for domestic travelers. For those who enjoy hiking alone, it is a beautiful place to take a break before starting the hike. Although the park is small in size, its charm can be felt. The central lake boasts beautiful scenery, and the surrounding trees and flowers create a harmonious atmosphere.

In addition, the park boasts a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere overall. Therefore, it is highly recommended for those who enjoy traveling alone. It is a great place to take pretty pictures and make memories. Also, the park is well-maintained with walking paths, making it great for a healthy stroll.

As it is adjacent to Gwanaksan, it is a great place for hikers to rest. It is also a great place for a healthy stroll. In addition, there are many places for families to enjoy, such as playgrounds and soccer fields within the park.

Gwanaksan Lake Park has a slightly different feel compared to other parks in Seoul. It boasts a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, it boasts a beautiful landscape where you can see both the mountain and the lake at once. For these reasons, Gwanaksan Lake Park is one of the recommended places for domestic travelers in Seoul.

Gwanaksan Lake Park

6. Boramae Park

📍Address: 서울 동작구 여의대방로20길 33

Boramae Park is a nature-friendly park located in Dongjak-gu, and it is a great place to go for a walk alone. It is also conveniently located near Sinrim, making it easy to find. The park offers various attractions such as a lawn, musical fountain, pond, multi-purpose sports field, jogging track, soccer field, basketball court, floor fountain, water playground, and air park. Therefore, it is a great place to go for healing alone. It is also recommended for those who want to meditate away from the crowd.

As a native of Sinrim, I highly recommend this park. I would not have recommended Boramae Park like this in the past. However, it has recently been transformed into a nice park through construction. Roller skating rinks have been added, and there are now many comfortable paths around the small pond. In addition, there are many more attractions to enjoy here. Now you can have new experiences at Boramae Park, and you can always discover something new when you visit.

Boramae Park
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